• 6 December 2021
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If I input students into the system using their school email. How do they login to the app? When they download the app, and try to select a password, the notification says there are already in the system.

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Hi @welchj! If you invited students to join PLT4M via import or manual input, then the students should receive an email inviting them to activate their PLT4M account. If they did not receive this email, try resending it see here for resending student invite.


If they are still not receiving the email invite, it’s possible there is a firewall issue. In that case, I would suggest working with your IT department to get PLT4M added to all “allowed” lists. Or, you could simply remove the students you’ve added, and instead, have them register with a join code.


Feel free to reach out to if we need to troubleshoot further!