All-Time Leaderboard Data

  • 18 December 2020
  • 1 reply

Isn't the top three in the “All-Time” section of various leaderboards suppose to include the data from accounts that had to be deleted still?  Or this is only shown in the PLT4M leaderboards? Just making sure I’m not overlooking anything. 

1 reply

Hi @rwalstrom

The “All-Time” leaderboard should keep the top 3 whether a PLT4M leaderboard or a user leaderboard. However, the leaderboard would have to be created prior to the kid being deleted. That is to say, if John Smith had 1,000 Push Up record, but was deleted the week before you built a Push Up leaderboard, he would not show. 

If you want to shoot me an email with the kid/result/leaderboard in question I can take a deeper look.