When and How to Enter Maxes

  • 16 October 2020
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There are certain PLT4M programs that utilize percentages to automate prescribed workloads on an individual basis for students and athletes. This article outlines which programs use percentages, and which maxes need to be recorded. 


Which maxes are used to calculate weights for students? 

The Squat

The Bench

The Deadlift

The Clean


Which programs require these maxes?

In General, the advanced programs require established maxes. Percentages are used to calculate weights in the following programs:

Personal Weight Training

Personal Fitness

In Season Training 

4 Day Off Season Weight Training

3 Day Off Season Weight Training 

2 Day Off Season Weight Training


How do maxes get recorded in PLT4M? 

Max lifts can either be logged directly into the Analytics Dashboard (by staff or by student), or, you can assign your students to a program which includes max testing. See below for all of your options:


Programs with max testing:

Intro to Strength Training Part 1 - captures maxes for Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift (found in block 5)

Intro to Strength Training Part 2 - captures maxes for Front Squat, Strict Press, and Hang Clean (found in block 5)

Athlete On-Ramp - captures maxes for Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, and Hang Clean (found in block 3C)


How to enter maxes directly into PLT4M:

First, check on your Account Settings to determine how data can be entered in your account.

  1. Hover over your name in the top right corner
  1. Click Settings, and you’ll be brought to the Settings Page:
  1. On the Settings page, you can control who has the ability to update Maxes, Attendance, and Test Results. If you are unable to configure this page, contact your administrator. 


How to log maxes as a Student via App:

  1. Students navigate to the Analytics tab
  1. Students can tap and enter their max lifts


How to log maxes as a student via Web:

  1. Students Navigate to the ANALYTICS tab
  2. Students tap on a max lift to record a new result


How Staff can log maxes (on Students behalf) via Web:

  1. From the Home tab, choose “Log Test Results” under Shortcuts


  1. Select the “Weightlifting” Category, and use the Filters to input maxes for certain Groups. 


How Staff can log maxes (on Students behalf) via App:

  1. From the Home screen, choose MORE and then choose TESTING
  2. Use the Filter to indicate the which Max Lift and which Group you’d like to submit results for
  3. Tap on the current result to input a new result
  4. Enter new result and tap Submit

What if my students haven’t maxed out yet?

Novice students will want to begin on one of our 100-200 level intro programs, which do not require any maxes. 

Experienced students will want to check out our ATH211 GPP Program - a program aimed at on-ramping students and helping them arrive at a new baseline max for the Squat, Bench, and Clean prior to completing a 300 level program. 

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