Entering Test Results

  • 25 August 2020
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There are two ways that Test Results can be entered into PLT4M: By Staff or by Students.


Let's take a look at each. 


Student Entry: App

If you want kids to be able to enter test results, make sure your settings enable kids to enter Test Results by hovering over your name in the top right of your account and choosing SETTINGS.


1. Students Navigate to the Analytics tab



2. Students choose the Test Results they will be tracking



3. Students can tap a test and enter new results



Student Entry: Web

1. Students Navigate to the ANALYTICS tab


2. Students can customize the exercises shown with "Add New"



3. Students can tap any Test Result tile and enter a new result 




As a Staff Member


1.  On the HOME tab, choose the LOG TEST RESULTS from the Shortcuts


2. If the exercises you want to log results for are not shown, you can Edit an existing category using the three dot icon shown below, or create a new category using the +Add Test Category shown below


  1. Once you have your category set up, you can update results to the right


4 replies

I have my students pre-tests entered like you showed for the teacher tutorial above.  But, they are unable to see them.  I thought it would show up in analytics? 

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Hi @tana otton! In order for your students to see the test scores you’ve entered, they too have to customize their Analytics dashboard to include the metrics you want them to see. 

  • If they are using the App, they’ll want to navigate to Analytics → and choose Edit.
  • If they are using the Web, they’ll want to navigate to Analytics → and choose Add New.

Once they’ve configured their Analytics dashboard, the results will display!


I am working through this app and using the test results. A few questions that I have regarding adding test results are why on the students laptops is there an issue with inputting the data? They try to click on the test category and it won’t allow them to add new information. My second question is regarding the teacher input test log results: Why does the information not log up to date when the student has the information on their app? I have had students put the information on their app and it doesn’t log it onto my test results page. 


Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I love this app. It is absolutely phenomenal for what we do at our school. 



Hi @bengotz,


Thanks for the feedback and questions! First, I am always happy to hop on a zoom call and dive into this, or other areas, more in depth. You can schedule a call anytime here: https://learn.plt4m.com/meetings/alex-relph/plt4m-training


As for the student results, it looks like your account admin (D. Ley) has settings of test results set to Staff only. I’d suggest switching this to Staff and Student - She can do this in the “Settings” tab of the drop down in top right corner of her account. 



As for the coach results, are you referencing the “Test Results” section on the “Activity” tab, or the “Log Test Results” page via the “Home” page shortcuts? The Activity tab pulls in only things that were done via workouts right now, so it wouldn’t pull in a result if it were logged ad hoc via the account. We have a new site update coming in the next 1-2 months with some changes here, to hopefully make all the data logged more centrally located and accessible. 

Let me know if that makes sense!