Performance Anywhere

  • 8 September 2020
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No weight room? No problem. Our Remote Athletic Development program is a complete performance training regimen, tackling the PLT4M Performance goals of Power, Control, & Capacity, just like our traditional off-season programs...without barbells.

Each week is complete with dedicated speed and power (“field”) work, odd-object/at-home strength and hypertrophy development, full body stability and coordination, and continual capacity and conditioning.



  • 60 Total Workouts | 15 Weeks of 4 Sessions
  • Additional Mobility Session each week
  • Each session takes 45-75 minutes
  • Mobility Sessions are 20 minutes


Workout Format

Each session begins with a warm up, followed by an element of Speed/Power development, then a focus on core movement patterns & accessory. Each session concludes with conditioning or a “Finisher.”



Grades 9 – 12 – Serious athletes looking to better themselves without access to the weight room.



Intro to Fitness 1 & 2 -OR- Suggested for athletes in grades 9-12 who have had a full education of both movement and basic resistance training and wish to focus on the development of athletic ability through targeted training, but do not have regular access to a complete weight room. Athletes should already have relevant “maxes” of necessary lifts and should not be completely “un-trained” (no workouts in previous 2+ months).




Optional: Students and athletes will have opportunities to add intensity through loading with the use of household objects, dumbbells, or kettlebells.



There are no formal assessments; although, athletes will have an opportunity to record results for their "finisher" scores.

2 replies

This performance anywhere program by PLT4M has been perfect for my middle school students to increase their strength, conditioning, agility, and skills without having to use equipment.

The students all love it and have shown improvement in all of the above elements of their physical fitness.

I recommend this program as it is clearly explained and demonstrated. Any of the movements can be modified as well to fit each students abilities and needs.


I used this program with all of my 7th and 8th grade PE classes.

The goals we had when using this program were to have each student be able to perform more rounds in the same amount of time and to improve technique on each exercise.

We did a new session every other day. You can modify each session to make it last how long you want it to. For my classes each session lasted 50 minutes.

We will be and have been following each session up by revisiting the same exercises and routines.

Students showed much progress of skills, strength, and conditioning after about 2 weeks.

We will definitely be following these programs in the future.

Next time I will have students more on their technique before pushing them to get a fast finish time.