Athlete On-Ramp

  • 21 October 2020
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Serving as a multi-functional approach to on-ramping athletes into performance training, the Athlete On-Ramp Program can be a useful tool for athletes of all experience levels. 

Through 20 guided training sessions, we have a complete progressional approach to developing true training “readiness”. 

First we master movement and technique, while beginning to establish fundamental ability in aerobic and anaerobic capacities. Then, we introduce initial external loading, while gradually increasing total work volume and capacity through the full spectrum of intensity. Finally, as we continue developing all of the above, we introduce barbells, going from technique introduction or review with empty bars, to gradually increasing load until we establish baseline working maxes during our final sessions that can dictate future training.

Jump, Lift, Sprint, Work - we teach and develop all of the modalities necessary for improved athletic performance, or the further training thereof. It is the perfect foundation for the continued training of our 3 Pillars of Athletic Performance: Power, Control, & Capacity.

Use this program as an end-to-end on-boarding process for brand new athletes prior to letting them join your full training regimen, or, as the bridge between seasons/cycles for more experienced competitors. You could also pick and choose sessions to serve as unload weeks or dedicated pull-back cycles focused on reinforcing awesome movement. The possibilities really are endless…


It’s totally up to you!


Download the written field version if you’d like to print and have on hand.



  • 20 Total Training Sessions | 5 Blocks of 4 Sessions
  • 4 Sessions of Bodyweight & Band Work focused on Technique and Movement
  • 4 Sessions with Lightweight External Object Training - MBs/DBs/KBs/Etc
  • 12 Sessions with Barbell Training: from Empty Bar Technique, to setting Baseline Working Maxes
  • Each session takes roughly 45-60 minutes


Lesson Format

Each training session includes a completely guided warm-up, often including supplemental activation/pre-hab/core work. This is followed by an element of Speed/Power development, then a focus on the core movement patterns of the day for load and/or volume. We will include accessory work as weeks progress. Lastly, each session will conclude with either traditional “conditioning” of Aerobic/Anaerobic systems, or a “Finisher” that serves much the same purpose. 



Grades 9 – 12 – An excellent option for almost any athlete looking to wind up to a true “off-season” training cycle.

It *can* serve as a truncated approach to training education for coaches looking to shorten the on-boarding experience and move into more targeted training programs. Priority must be given to movement and education, though, rather than weights or intensities. This must carry over into our full training as well. We must set a proper foundation!

It is BEST used, however, as just a small piece of the larger training plan for experienced athletes -whether than be as the lead-up to a full training cycle, or as the bridge between seasons, etc. It does not need to be used in full, but rather, can be used in pieces at the discretion of the teacher/coach.



While we ALWAYS recommend that ALL athletes engage in the complete curriculum offered through our Intro to Fitness and Intro to Weight Training programs, for a complete training education, the GPP Program does not explicitly require any prior training experience.



Breakdown per Block:

  • BLOCK 1 - Bands and/or Medicine Balls
  • BLOCK 2 - Bands and Medicine Balls, Dumbbells and/or Kettlebells
  • BLOCK 3 - Barbells, Racks, Benches, and Dumbbells and/or Kettlebells



Establishment of first-time/current working maxes for:

  • Squat (Back Squat)
  • Bench (Bench Press)
  • Clean (Hang Power Clean)

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