3-Day Off-Season Weight Training

  • 8 September 2020
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This program is aimed at developoing the complete athlete through Strength, Power, Control, & Capacity work, all built into a 3-Day lifting schedule.

Over the course of 48 total sessions, two major training cycles will be employed, with pre-, mid-, and post-assessment of all the relevant performance markers listed below. 

In each 24-session cycle, a major emphasis will be placed on building raw total-body strength through the powerlifts and their variations. Simultaneously, we will develop our rate of force production, or “Power”, through a progression of plyometrics and the “Clean” movement – utilizing all its "Power" variations, from the top down. Lastly, we will consistently build durability and work capacity through a blend of active stability/mobility work, hypertrophy training, accessory strength development, and metabolic conditioning.



  • 48 Total Training Sessions
    • 16 Weeks, 3 Sessions scheduled per week
  • Each Workout is designed to take approximately 45 minutes.


Workout Format

Each training session contains a brief guided warm up, stability and pre-hab work, plyometrics, max strength & power development (powerlifts and olympic weightlifting), and supplemental strength training (unilateral work, push/pull, etc).

Every other training session will also end with an intense, competitive "Pillar" workout with complete instruction.



Grades 9 – 12 – Athletes who already have a complete fundamental fitness education and wish to prepare for a sport season. They should not be actively engaged in a competitive athletic season.



Intro to Fitness 1 & 2; Intro to WT 1 & 2

OR - ATH211: GPP/Transition Program

Suggested only for athletes who have had a full education of both movement and strength training. Athletes should already have recent, relevant working “maxes” of Squat, Bench, Clean, and Deadlift, and should not be completely “un-trained” (no workouts in previous 2+ months).



Must Have:

  • PVC Pipe
  • Barbells, Bumper Plates & Rack
  • Dumbbells & Benches
  • Pull-Up Bar/TRX/Rings
  • Bands
  • Jump Ropes

Nice to Have:

  • Kettlebells
  • Plyo Boxes
  • Foam Roller/ Lax Ball
  • Cardio Machines




  • Continual Tracking of…
    • Squat Working Max
    • Press Working Max
    • Clean Working Max


  • 1RM Assessment of…
    • Bench Press
    • Strict Press
    • Back Squat
    • Front Squat
    • Hang Power Clean
    • Power Clean
    • Deadlift



  • Vertical Jump (Power)
  • Pull Up (Strength)
  • Push/Squat (Strength Capacity)
  • Jump Rope (Skill)
  • Plank Hold ((Stability/Stamina)

2 replies

I have found this program to work very well with both my CC and Track teams. The girls who are sometimes hesitant to workout in front of boys for tear of looking dumb love it. They love it because it puts them on a even playing field because they know what they are doing because the app show them and explains everything clearly. We have set more PRs in track during the past three season that we ever have due to using both the off season and in season programs.

I use this program in my Physical Education class.  A mixture of athletes from all sports as well as the common student interested in working out are able to use the same program.  Many students have made PRs in the Bench, Squat and Clean in a very short amount of time.  These athletes have benefited from the programs on the field as well as off the field by staying fit and healthy.  I really enjoy the finishers, as they make the athletes push to a new level that they are not used to hitting off the field.