[FAQ] How do I "schedule" workouts?

Good question, and a common one. While all our standard programs are built with traditional weeks, and days, that is not the case with Remote Fitness. Think about this program as a digital textbook and each "week" is a chapter, or a workout category option. 

The Program contains 4 Workout Chapters/Categories: 

  • At Home Workouts: 15 thirty minute workouts
  • Mobility Sessions: 15 twenty minute, guided mobility sessions
  • Fitness Challenges: 6 Body weight tests that can be done ad hoc
  • Assignments: Possible Homework assignments for kids

Once you have turned the program on via "Public" (see related article below), we suggest using our ADD POST communication tool, or any other tool like Google Calendar/Classroom, to simply communicate with them what you want them to do. 

For example, I could send a message saying:

This week's Training Schedule: 

  • Mon - Workout 1
  • Tues - Mobility Session 1 and Fitness Challenge: 2 Min Burpee Test
  • Wed - Workout 2
  • Thurs - Mobility Session 2
  • Fri - Workout 3

If this doesn't work, check out the two related articles attached for different approaches.

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