Accessing Workouts [App]

The Workouts tab will likely be the most frequent tab on your app, so let's take a deep dive into how you can navigate your Workout Menu.

Available Workouts:

Coaches/Teachers make programs available to Groups. All programs assigned to your Group(s) will be shown on this initial screen. 

Accessing Workouts:

To Access a Workout, choose the Arrow Icon on the desired workout. From here, you can choose to Start or Preview the current day. If you need to change to a different day, use the "Change Day" option. 

Hiding Workouts:

To hide programs that you do not currently need, choose the "Manage View" option. Check the Programs you WANT to show, and uncheck programs you want to hide. 

Rack View:

Rack View allows up to 5 Athletes to share one device, but still access their personalized workouts. To access Rack View, choose the Icon shown below, then choose the Athletes you are training with. 

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