Build "Tests" Into Your Program

So you have a favorite test that you want to build into your workouts and have kids log their result. Sure thing! Let's take a look at how to make that happen:

1) Navigate to the desired day in the Workout Builder. Choose Add Exercise

2) Search for the Exercise, select it, and hit Next Step

3) Add your desired Sets/Reps, or "Add Note" to explain the direction to the kids. In this example below, we are using "Add Note". Then choose Activate Test

4) Find the desired Test in the drop down and hit Submit

5) The exercise with the Activated Test has now been added to the day. Drag and drop to re-order if needed. 

6) For your Student-Athletes, they will see this in the workout, with the sets/reps and/or notes who used, along with the Log Test Result button. This allows them to log their Result. 

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