Build Super Sets

When building a program or editing PLT4M programs, you have the option to utilize supersets. 

First, you will need to find you Program on the Training>Programs page, and enter the workout builder by Hitting "Manage" and then choosing the "Workout Builder" tab from the menu. If you have not copied a PLT4M program or created one of your own, see the related articles. 

Once in the workout builder, you will first need to add the desired exercises and then follow the steps below: 

1) Choose the "Create Superset" button

2) Then choose the exercises you want to group into one superset and then hit "Submit Superset". Repeat this for all desired supersets.

3) Once supersets are created, simply chose the "Exit" option

4) you will notice the numbering of exercises change, reflecting a-b-c etc to reflect that exercises are grouped together. 

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