How Do I Insert a Max Test?

To insert a max test into your programming or training schedule, there are a few options described below. However, if you want players to be able to log it directly through the app, make sure that your "Settings" for "Test Results" are set to "Coach and Athlete". See the related article for how to switch that. 

Option A: Use a PLT4M Testing Week

The PLT4M tests include a 1-Rep, 3-Rep, or 5-Rep test for Squat, Bench, and Clean. There is also a "1st Time Tests" option if you are looking to establish baseline maxes for your more advanced kids. To see how to insert this into an existing training calendar, see below:

1) Go to "Training>Schedules" and find the desired calendar. Hit "Edit Schedule". If you haven't created a calendar yet, you will need to hit "Create Calendar". 

2) Find the desired week on the calendar and hit "Change Week". 

3) In the pop-up, find the "Max Testing and Off Week" program. Select it. Then look to the weeks below and select "Insert Week" on the given test. 

4) This will overwrite the current week, and will not affect and future weeks. If you want to reset the following week to something different, repeat step 2, choose the new program, and hit "Start From Here" on the desired week. This will auto-fill all future weeks from the point forward. 

Option B: Build a test into your program

If you are editing a PLT4M workout or building your own, you can activate a 1-Rep max for any of the weightlifting metrics you desire. See how below:

1) Find your program on the "Training>Programs" page and hit "Manage".

2) Choose "Workout Builder" from the menu.

3) Find the desired Core Lift that you want to add a test to, and choose the edit icon.

4) In the Pop-Up Use the "Activate Test" button at the bottom and choose the desired lift. 

5) This will show to your athletes within their workout as "Log Test Result"

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