Schedule a Program

There are two ways to deliver programs to kids: Group Access (see linked article at bottom) or Create a Calendar. This article reviews how to create a calendar. . 

Schedules: With schedules, you can set a start and end date, choose a program, and determine the group(s) you want to deliver it to. The system then delivers each week's workout, one week at a time, progressing them through week by week. The video below shows how this option works.

Step 1: Go to The Training>Schedules Page and choose "Create Calendar" 

Step 2 & 3: Name the calendar, select a start/end date, and Hit next Step. Then choose the desired program. Each Calendar can only have one program. To assign multiple programs to a group you would need to create multiple calendars. 

Steps 4 & 5: Choose the Groups you want to assign the Program to. Then add the Staff member who should be able to see this calendar. 

Prefer a Video? See Below:

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