Group Access to Workouts

There are two ways to deliver workouts to athletes. 

You can schedule a program one week at a time (see related article at the bottom), or you can give a group or group(s) access to an entire program, which allows them to navigate through the weeks as directed or at their own pace. 

Group Access can be great for supplemental programs like the ATH312: Speed, Agility & Conditioning program, in unique situations like Block Scheduling in Phys Ed, or situations where there may not be a set lifting schedule. 

Step 1: Go to the Training>Programs page and choose the Manage option on the desired program

Step 2: Choose the Group Access tab and then choose Restricted (open to selected groups) or Public (open to everyone regardless of group)

Step 3: If Restricted, choose the Group or Groups that you want to have open access to this program

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