How to Create a Group

Groups are how you organize kids within PLT4M, allowing you to assign workouts, send messages, run reports and more! 

You students and athletes can join multiple groups, so often times coaches set up Sport groups, while teachers set up Class Periods. To create a group, follow the steps below or watch the video at the bottom.

Step 1: Go to the Training>Groups page and choose Add Group

Step 2: Name the group, choose a Registration option, and hit Next Step. We always recommend Public, so kids can join on their own.

Step 3: If you have kids in the system you can add them. If you made the group Public, you can skip this step by hitting Next Step. 

Step 4: Add the Coaches and Teachers you want to have access to this group. If you don't have Teachers/Coaches signed up yet, you can do this later (see Step 5):

Step 5: You're Done! If you ever want to edit the group name, add coaches, or delete the group, hit the Menu Icon shown below:

Prefer a video? See below:

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