YouTube Video Error

  • 15 January 2021
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If you are having video issues within your account, there are a few things to troubleshoot:

First, is it happening to every student? Is there a message that the video is “Restricted”? If so, YouTube is being blocked by a school firewall. You need to whitelist our YouTube channel. See Item 2 in this article.

If it is only happening to a few students and occurring somewhat randomly, chances are it is a device issue. In this case, the kids will report an issue similar to the image below: 


If they click the “Learn More” in the image above, it will bring them to this YouTube troubleshooting page with a number of steps to work through listed at the bottom of the page. If closing and reopening the browser doesn’t work, they will likely need to clear their cache and reboot the browser and site. 


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